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With nearly thirty years of association management experience, REI is uniquely suited to assist you with the site, administrative, accounting and financial management of your association. Below are some of the highlights of our association management services
  • REI is a properly licensed association management firm in the State of Connecticut.
  • REI carries Errors and Omissions insurance.
  • REI provides all communities with their own management team – including an assigned Association Manager and an assigned Assistant Association Manager.
  • Your assigned Association Manager will hold all the proper and legally required individual licensing for the management of community associations in the State of Connecticut.
  • Your management team and an officer of our firm will review all monthly payables, monthly financial statements, service contracts, annual budgets, resale certificates and tax returns.
  • All officers, managers and assistant managers are on call for emergencies 24/7/365.
  • Your assigned association manager will attend all board and owner meetings.
  • REI will draft all board and owner meeting minutes (for board review and approval).
  • We have a strong and careful approach to contracting of general services.
  • Routine site inspections conducted.
  • REI will assist with the enforcement of the Association’s Rules and Regulations.
  • REI will handle all daily operations including communications with owners, board members, vendors, etc.
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