Bank Questionnaire


Governing Documents Sold Separately.

Have you purchased your Governing Documents yet? We hope so! 

The Governing Documents contain vital information about the community. The following documents are included – Declaration, Bylaws, and Rules. 

Please note that this is a two-step process. After you have entered your credit card info, please remember to forward your bank questionnaire so that we may begin processing your request.

HOW THIS WORKS: Add the Bank Questionnaire to your cart and click the view cart button. You will be instructed to make the payment of $150. After the payment has been processed and accepted, you will be prompted with a link to download our Bank Questionnaire form as well as an email address to send your Bank Questionnaire form to. Once you complete our form, please email it to along with your Bank Questionnaire. You will get a confirmation email and we will deliver your documents within ten business days.




Get a bank questionnaire for any one of our properties.

Additional processing fee for each additional hour to process – $75.00

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